Important decision of the education department: It has been decided to give 100 hours voluntary time to prevent the impact on children’s studies, two lakh teachers of the state will join this campaign.
More than two lakh teachers in the state will donate 100 hours for additional teaching work in addition to school hours.  This Samyadan Yajna has been organized from December 2021 to April 15, 206.
Schools will organize on their own and voluntarily organize additional teaching work before or after school hours according to local situation and need.
For this, if the schools want, on Sundays and other public holidays, the teaching work can be done as per convenience.
 Education work will be done in Std. 1 to 8 keeping reading, arithmetic and writing in the center.
 Education work will be done according to the difficult points in Std 6 to 8.  * Special education work will be carried out in Std. 9 to 12 according to the subject load as well as according to the licking chapter.
 Special guidance will be given to the students appearing for Std.
 • Voluntary retirees, local training graduates as well as other voluntary organizations
 There are also appeals to join.  In this time sacrifice more than two crore human clocks were estimated by the state teachers in the interest of children and education
 Will be given voluntarily.  A circular in this regard will be issued by the Primary Secondary Higher Secondary Department in a day or two accordingly.
 Schools will implement it.
 This decision will benefit a total of primary / government / granted primary / government schools of Std.

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