C.L. રજા સળગ કેટલી મૂકી શકાય, વચ્ચે જાહેર રજા આવે તો શું કરવું.??



શિક્ષક્ને મુજવતા પ્રશ્નો અને તેનું માર્ગદર્શન 


This work was special for Shri RM Mehta for his pleasure and satisfaction more than his own hard work. We thank the Director of Accounts and the Director of Treasury, Shri Pension and Provident Fund, Letter from Bhavnagar regarding who will approve which leave.

teachers-embarrassing-questions-and-guidance  as well as the officers and employees of the Department of Statutory and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Gujarat for their invaluable contribution in the compilation of Civil Service Rules.


Matters of assuming duty as school principal according to seniority, reduction of irregular student’s name, and approval of out-of-school student for new admission in school,

matter of organizing educational tours, time of primary schools, important notice regarding school leaving certificate, keeping in school. Responsibilities regarding registers and files and forms, head teacher.

Attempts have been made here to solve the questions which are embarrassing to the primary teacher, such as administrative questions, school questions, leave matters. Teacher’s embarrassing questions and guidance.

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Under Article 302 of the Constitution of India, primary teacher the Governor of Mumbai made the Mumbai Civil Service Rules for the Terms of Service of Employees,

Salary Allowance and Public Tension. Changes have been made. teacher’s questions.Letter from Bhavnagar regarding who will approve which leave.

Although these rules have been reprinted and updated many times during the last 30 years, many of the rules are not up to date and many have proved to be unnecessary. Requested by M. Mehta.

Shri RM Mehta has worked tirelessly for the last few years to complete this Bhagirath work. teacher’s questions Gujarat Civil Service Rules-2008 are in eight parts. Gujarati translation of the rules is now ready. primary teacher.


શિક્ષકોને મુજવતા અન્ય પ્રશ્નો માટે અહી click કરો.


The school files is an essential part of the school system. School papers are a source of information for the society. pre primary teacher From the inception of the school to the present and bright future of the school it is necessary to maintain and maintain various files.

It is a mirror of the best management, teachers-embarrassing-questions-and-guidance –

The progress of the school can be known on the basis of the graph of the ups and downs. Teacher’s embarrassing questions and guidance, primary teacher, primary teacher class.



Some schools use computers to prepare advanced school records such as payroll, attendance sheet, age sheet, library, annual planning, primary teacher class curriculum, school calendar, etc. Information about school activities is also stored. Comprehensive school records from school education to school leaving are mandatory. pre primary teacher.

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