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today we learn about driving licence online apply driving licence new rules.

Driving License New Rules 2022: Now you don’t need to go to RTO and step through driving exam to get a driving permit.

કારમાં પાછળની સીટ પર બેઠેલા લોકો માટે પણ સીટબેલ્ટ ફરજીયાત, સરકારનો મોટો નિર્ણય (click here)


અકસ્માત વખતે સીટ બેલ્ટ ના હોય તો પ્રવાસી કેટલા ગણા ફોર્સથી બહાર ફેંકાય છે.???? (click here)



The Ministry of Roads and Transport has changed the guidelines for driving licenses. Therefore, a large number of individuals who are attempting to get a driving permit however the stand by is consuming most of the day because of huge delay, won’t need to stand by any more and won’t need to go through the RTO. driving licence online apply driving licence new rules. driving licence online form


Driving License માટે 1 જુલાઈથી નવા નિયમ, હવે ટેસ્ટ આપ્યા વગર જ મળી જશે લાયસન્સ!, જાણો કેવી રીતે..??? (click here) 


There is no need to go to RTO and give test: According to the principles gave by the Ministry of Roads and Transport, any individual who has finished the assessment from any administration authorize driving instructional hub will be excluded from the driving test in RTO while applying for the permit. That implies he won’t be expected to step through driving examination in RTO. His driving permit will be made on the testament of private driving instructional hub as it were. dl apply


driving licence online apply

Latest Driving Licence rules in India: How to apply, cost, time and more – Know it all here (click here)



New driving permit rules from 1 July

The new driving permit rules will produce results on July 1. Which will just permit private driving places to work, either by the State Transport Authority or by the Central Government. The legitimacy of these instructional hubs will be for a long time. He will then need to reestablish from the public authority. This move by the public authority could prompt a different industry of private preparation schools. dl apply

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નવું ડ્રાઇવિંગ લાયસન્સ કઢાવવા માટેની પ્રકિયા (click here)


Driving Licence online apply direct link (click here)


What the principles (rules) say
There are likewise a few rules and conditions from the Ministry of Roads and Transport in regards to preparing focuses. This incorporates preparing of mentors from the area of preparing focuses. How about we grasp that … dl apply

1. The approved organization will guarantee that the instructional hubs for bikes, three-wheelers and light engine vehicles have no less than one section of land of land, while the focuses will require two sections of land of land for medium and weighty traveler merchandise vehicles or trailers. international drivers license

2 Trainers probably passed something like twelfth norm and have no less than five years of driving experience. He ought to be knowledgeable in rush hour gridlock rules. international drivers license, international driving permit online.




3. The Ministry has likewise recommended an instruction educational program. For light engine driving, the course time breaking point will be a limit of 4 weeks enduring 29 hours. The educational program of these driving habitats will be separated into 2 sections. Hypothesis and Practical. international driving permit online

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4. Individuals need to endure 21 hours figuring out how to drive on inland streets, rustic streets, interstates, city streets, turning around, and stopping, climbing and downhill driving and so on. Hypothesis will comprise of 8 hours of the whole course. These incorporate comprehension street decorum, over the top anger, traffic training, figuring out the reasons for mishaps, medical aid and driving eco-friendliness.


Driving Licence How to apply

  • Select RTO / DTO: Your selected state’s list of  RTO / DTO will come to select your RTO / DTO.
  • Select State: Select your state like Gujarat, Delhi, UP, West Bengal, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon, Patna, Hyderabad
  • Applicant Name: Enter the applicant’s full name, First Name, Middle Name, and Surname.
  • Relation: Choose one option from your Father / Husband and enter their full name in the option you have selected.
  • Select Gender: Male / Female.
  • Phone Number: Write a Phone Number.
  • Write Mobile Number: Mobile Number.
  • Date Of Birth: Add Your Date Of Birth.
  • Age: Do not make a mistake by writing your correct age carefully.
  • Place Of Birth: In this, you write your place of Birth(As Per Your Birth Certificate or LC).
  • Aadhar Number: Enter your Aadhar Number.
  • Country Of Birth: Write India in it by default.
  • Citizenship Status By: If you are born in India, then choose the option of birth.
  • Blood Group: Write your blood group.
  • Email Address: Write your Email Address.
  • Education Qualification: Select how far you have studied in Education Qualification, then click on Continue.
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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has been working with computerization of over 1300+ Road Transport Offices (RTOs) the nation over. RTOs issue Registration Certificate (R.C.) and Driving License (D.L.) that are obligatory prerequisites and are legitimate the nation over, international driving permit online dependent upon specific arrangements and authorizations. international drivers license

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Address Details(Applicate Address Details )

In this, you have to give your address details

  • State: Select State.
  • District: Select your district.
  • Flat Number: Write a flat number in it.
  • Flat / House name: If not written then leave blank.
  • House number/plot number: Write your house number.
  • Street: Write the name of your street.
  • Locality: Write the locality near your house.
  • Village / Town / City: Write the name of your village or city.
  • Taluka / Mandal: Write what Taluka / Mandal looks like here.
  • Pincode: Write Pincode |Duration of Stay at This Address: Write down how long you have been living at this address and then click continue.

n this, you need to give subtleties of your vehicle, the candidate can choose the vehicle he drives out of 19 sorts of vehicles, the candidate ought to choose the very vehicle that he will drive, subsequent to choosing the vehicle, the candidate ought to choose the vehicle Full subtleties of the vehicle and complete subtleties of the vehicle should be given here. international drivers license


Documents ~ Upload Particular Document in.Jpg or.Pdf Format
In this, you have to give information about which documents to be installed, and the documents have to be copied, these documents only give the identity, age, address, and what license is the applicant, the learning license or driving license is given.

  • Proof Of Address
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Id Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Aadhar Card
  • Water Bill
  • Pan Card
  • Proof Of Date Of Birth
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter Id Card
  • 10th Marksheet
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With wide varieties in state approaches and manual/framework based strategies being followed the nation over, it had become important to characterize same guidelines for these archives on a skillet India level to guarantee interoperability, accuracy and convenient accessibility of data.

SCOSTA board of trustees arrangement for this reason had suggested a uniform normalized programming the nation over. The Ministry subsequently depended National Informatics Center (N.I.C.) with the undertaking of normalizing and conveying two programming projects – VAHAN for Vehicle Registration and SARATHI for Driving Licenses and of assembling the information concerning Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses of the relative multitude of states in State Register and National Register. driving licence online apply driving licence new rules.

The applications VAHAN and SARATHI were conceptualized to catch the functionalities as ordered by Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 as well as State engine vehicle Rules with customization in the center item to suit the necessities of 36 States and UTs.

The furthest down the line drive has been to unify both these applications for guaranteeing higher tranparency, security and dependability of activities through a countrywide brought together information base and arrangement of an exceptionally resident and exchange driven web empowered climate. The new application being created would accommodate a multi-client climate wherein the end clients (residents) might be engaged to perform a large portion of the RTO related exchanges (counting installments) either from the solace of home or from approved outsider specialist co-op/s in their area. This will likewise help, generally, in eliminating the issues and lines looked by residents as of now (in visiting RTOs for rudimentary kinds of transactions),minimizing the broad desk work presently being done on the ground and lessening the chance of go betweens taking advantage of the uninformed/clueless residents. Going ahead, portable based applications would be created and frameworks using the Aadhar Based distinguishing proof would likewise be incorporated with the Unified RTO data set for higher security and simplicity of activities.


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