Keep these things in mind while refueling


Keep these things in mind while refueling


Petrol-diesel prices continue to rise. In such a time of inflation, if the customers with petrol pumps are limed, the consumers will suffer a great loss. Consumers do not know and cheat customers with petrol pumps. To avoid this fraud you just have to focus on a few things and be a little careful.

This is most common and widely experienced fraud which can be done quite easily if you are not alert. Here is how it happens;

You ask for petrol worth ₹ 500, and the meter is already at ₹ 100 (the person before you filled it for ₹ 100) . The person tries to show that he is resetting the meter to ZERO, while you are distracted by another person. He does not reset the meter in reality, but starts from ₹ 100 itself and goes till ₹ 500.

You pay ₹ 500, but you get the fuel only worth ₹ 400 only.


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If the meter is already set to ZERO, then they use another trick.

So you ask for petrol for ₹ 500, the attendant asks you to check the meter at ZERO and then stats filling the petrol and stops at ₹ 100. When you ask him why he stopped at ₹ 100, he tells you that he heard ₹ 100 only. Then he says that no issues, he will reset and fill another ₹ 400 (will give some crap technical reason why he can’t continue from that same point).

At this point someone from his team distracts you while the attendant starts filling from ₹ 100 onwards itself, when you think that he had reset the meter back to ZERO. Then he goes till ₹ 400 and charges you ₹ 500 (₹ 100 + ₹ 400). You get petrol worth ₹ 400 only, but pay ₹ 500.

In both these tricks, someone distracts you in the name of PUC, cleaning of vehicle, or will just ask you some silly thing and you turn your eyes away from meter.

This is not exactly a fraud, but an unethical thing which most of the petrol pumps do.

They by default start filling the costlier version of the oil (Speed Petrol or Power Petrol) without customer asking for it. Most of the cars or bikes in India run totally fine with the unleaded version of oil which is the default thing. Then there are high octane fuels which can cost 5-10% more than the normal price.

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A lot of petrol pumps guide their employees to NOT ASK which version to fill and directly start filling the high performance fuel. And if you catch them and question them, they inform you that it’s your responsibility to clear in start which one you wanted.




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