Should the phone be charged overnight…?????



Should the phone be charged overnight…?????


Must watch this video once

You should watch this video if you keep the phone in charge all night

Should the phone be charged overnight?

What’s the harm in keeping the phone charged all night or the phone or the battery..???

You should watch this video if you keep the phone in charge all night


A lot of people have to go to bed with their phone charging at night and stay in the phone charging until they wake up early in the morning. Here is a nice piece of fun information for all the friends to hear if you really fall asleep all night by charging the phone in the phone charging. It is very important for you to know that after watching the video which has a lot of fun information, you will really know that after putting the phone in charging all night, we will be harmed or the battery will be damaged. If you can’t explain in one fell swoop, if nothing else, then a quick slip of slower explanation doesn’t make much sense. We should not take such small things for granted. If we think and act a little more seriously then we have to see, read and understand the nice fun information placed here and then watch the whole video and understand and work on our little things in our life. A lot of you are going to see a lot of such incidents in and around our family. A lot of people are not worried about seeing it by putting down a phone 4j so what to do now

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આખી રાત ફોન ચાર્જમાં મુકવો કે કેમ તે માટે આ વીડિઓ જોવો (click here)



We often put the phone in charge and forget to turn it off. We don’t really remember and the phone stays in charging so we don’t have a bad habit at that time but forgetting will hurt us at that time and also know that. It is necessary to keep the phone in charge. If you forget, you are really at risk. You should get in the habit of putting the phone in charging at night or if you sit down to eat. The alarm should be used to memorize the phone after charging or to put the phone in charging and take the phone to the alarm bell before charging the phone will be most useful. There is no danger of loss of phone charging. You should watch the video given here and if it is implemented, you can join our project research whatsapp group to get such useful information. Friends can still be requested to join the three whatsapp groups. Important information has been posted regarding the battery of the phone and the time of placing the phone. 



આખી રાત ફોન બેડ પર રાખી ચાર્જ ન કરો વાચો નુકશાન (click here)


You should watch this video if you keep the phone in charge all night

Do you also put your phone on charging and sleep with it on the bed or under the pillow? If you do this, change this habit immediately, otherwise there could be a big nightmare any day.

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There are a lot of questions about cell phone batteries. Should you leave your smartphones plugged in overnight? Is it bad for the phone? Bad for your safety? What’s the right thing to do?

In fact, how much should you charge your phone? When’s the right time to plug in? Should it go down to zero every time? Up to 100%? How do you get the longest life out of the battery inside a smartphone? Does it really matter if you’re only going to keep the handset around for a couple of years before an upgrade?


આ ભૂલો કરશો તો તમારો ફોન થઇ શકે છે બ્લાસ્ટ (click here)



If you are afraid of fire, some in the UK recommend leaving the charging device on a dish or saucer while plugged in, or putting it on something metal that is more likely to dissipate heat, like a heatsink does on the chips inside a PC. That’s not much of an option if you use a wireless charging pad, so don’t sweat it.

Bad Cables

If you’re using a knock-off cable that isn’t from the manufacturer, or at least “certified” in some way (iPhone Lightning cables should be MFi certified, for example), it could be a problem. The cord and connectors may not be up to the specifications needed for the phone or tablet. Don’t skimp by buying chintzy cables.





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