‘जो बोएगा वही पाएगा’


‘जो बोएगा वही पाएगा’

 “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” – Mandy Hale

All these stories create a strong impact on our social structure . In this fast paced life , we could give a little time to nurture our spiritual quotient by nurturing our brain . All we need a motivational forces to drive our mind for becoming more productive day by day . The motivational forces can be of any form and different from person to person . The inspirational stories ignite the thought of a common man to achieve some uncommon goals. The inspirational stories often work as powerful motivations, and when we feel down, we can inspire ourselves by reading these stories. The importance of inspirational stories is enormous in our lives as we all need a motivational force to keep our hopes alive and increase our productivity. This also helps to improve the value system and we tend to become grounded . Being a reader we relate our life with the character in some ways .

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Many a times we have debated that the inspirational stories are for children so they become good human being ! Perhaps everyone needs ignition to drive their life. Inspiration is a gift from God, it gives us fresh insight into the limitless possibilities of our own Self, awakening in us new faith, new strength, and new courage.Life without inspiration would be a really boring place. No magic, no love, no creative passion.




Inspirational stories are included in this genre, and they can be lucrative. With today’s gadgets, people can conveniently consume any knowledge and latest information anywhere and at any time. Thus, as creators and inspirational writers, it’s an unprecedented opportunity that wasn’t available two decades ago.

You can write self-help, inspirational, and motivational short-form articles for blogs, online magazines, e-mail newsletters, text-messaging articles, social media stories, anthologies, short video scripts, and others. If you have strong stamina for writing long-form works, you can write and conveniently sell print books, eBooks, audiobooks, and film scripts.

In this article, we’ll discuss the target readers, the sub-genres, tips on finding a transformational topic, and how you can train yourself to write inspirational stories that are well-accepted and even best-selling.


If you think inspirational stories are for a limited audience, think again. It can be for anyone, including corporate executives, professionals, and self-employed individuals, not merely for self-help junkies who can’t live one day without any motivational nourishment. This being said, you can strategically and precisely align your topic and overall story to fit a specific audience.

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Before we discuss any further, let’s make sure that we’re on the same page on what constitutes “inspiration.” Inspiration is an idea presented in a story that triggers readers to do something about their life or the problem they have at hand using the solutions provided. It’s mostly used to motivate and assist the readers in helping themselves in reaching goals, be happy, be successful, and most importantly, feeling good about themselves.

Yes, inspirational stories are written to make readers feel positive and hopeful.



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