quiz on number- MIND GAME



quiz on number- MIND GAME

The New Quiz window appears. Begin by entering a name for your quiz into the Name field. quiz on number- MIND GAME The Required field gives you the option of making the quiz optional or required. You can also require that students pass the quiz in order to continue the presentation, or require that they answer all questions before continuing. You can select settings for your quiz to further define how students interact with it. For instance, it is a default setting to allow students to go backwards in the quiz or review the quiz.quiz on number- MIND GAME  You can remove the checkmarks next to those options to disable those attributes. Students are given feedback for each question unless otherwise specified. Click the Question Review Messages button to see the messages they will receive. Question Review Messages…



At Jotform, we want to make sure that you’re getting the online form builder help that you need. Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7. We believe that if one user has a question, 

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Turn on email collection-Click Settings > Responses > turn on Collect email addresses Control who can respond-Click Settings > Responses > and turn Restrict to users in y and its trusted organizations on or off. Note: quiz on number- MIND GAME




Note: You can automatically mark non-matching respon by clicking Answer key > turn on Mark all other answer don’t select this option, non-matching responses are le quiz on number- MIND GAME




Next to the question, enter the number of points the correct answer is worth. 5. Click Done to go back to the question. Changes save automatically. Type of question Marked correct if respondent provides Short answer The exact answer.




That way, only pe email that’s associated with your organization can respond to the quiz. If you don’t limit resp people can respond to the quiz using any email address. To manage how responses are collected, open a quiz and choose an option: quiz on number- MIND GAME




To identify each respondent and send quiz results or feedback, you can collect email addres individual names. You can limit respondents to people in your organization. 





ou can specify answers for these question types: multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown, ar ou can also specify how many points a correct answer is worth. 1. Open a quiz and click the question. 2 Click Answer key. 3. Select or type the correct answer (or answers).




For questions graded manually, enter general feedback. It appears for all responses. (Optional) To add a link: a. Click Link o. b. In Link to, add the URL. c. In Text to display (optional), enter the text you want to appear. d. Click Add > Save. (Optional) To add a YouTube video: a. Click Youtube a. b. Choose an option:
 If you turn on Restrict to users in your organization and its trusted organizations, th collects the person’s organizational email address (that they are signed in with). If you turn users in your organization and its trusted organizations, people can enter any email addre To collect names, create a question that asks people to enter their names. You can also crea section for collecting emails and names. See Track different groups taking a quiz.
ew your changes any time, at top right, click Preview O. Click Untitled Question and enter your question. You get suggestions based on your type of question. (Optional) To change the question type, click the Down and choose an option. arrow Add response options (if applicable for your question type). To add a copy of the existing question, click Duplicate g. (Optional) To specify if people must answer the question, click Required. To add a new question, click Add question


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