Sleeping Wearing Woolen Clothes Can Give Trouble




Whether Children Or Adults, Sleeping Wearing Woolen Clothes Can Give Trouble To The Heart

Do not wear woolen clothes as they come in direct contact with the body.



વાચો-સારી ઉંઘ લેવી કેમ જરૂરી, અપૂરતી ઉંઘથી થતા નુકશાન



It is so cold now that I don’t even feel like taking off my warm clothes. Wear sweaters, hats and gloves to avoid the cold. Many do not even want to take off their warm clothes at night. In this cycle we also fall asleep wearing sweaters and do the same with children. But did you know that doing so endangers our health? Dermatologist Dr. Learn from Ipshita Johri the disadvantages of sleeping at night wearing a sweater.



Disadvantages of wearing a sweater at night

Dr. “One thing to keep in mind when wearing woolen clothes,” said Johri. These clothes should not come in direct contact with your skin. Warm clothing prevents cold outside from reaching the body. At the same time, woolen clothes do not absorb sweat. We wear sweaters and go to sleep when we feel very cold. We also wear warm blankets to keep it cool. Sweaters and warm blankets can cause a person to panic.

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Don’t make the same mistake again

Wear a sweater over cotton or soft clothing. If we wear direct warm clothes, it can cause skin allergies, redness or dry skin.

Heart patients may panic if they sleep in warm clothes. Such clothes do not allow air to pass through the body.

There is also the problem of low BP while sleeping in woolen clothes. Because the body is packed in warm clothes.






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