P.M મોદીજી નું ભાષણ કોણ લખે છે…???? RTI દ્વારા મળેલ જવાબ.



આજે આપણે જાણીશું કે…

P.M મોદીજી નું ભાષણ કોણ લખે છે…????

કેટલા રૂપિયામાં…????

જાણો RTI દ્વારા મળેલ જવાબ

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Most agree that PM Modi is an excellent orator just like some of his predecessors including Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But ever wondered who is behind Prime Minister Modi’s engaging and captivating speeches? who-writes-p-m-modijis-speech-answer-received-by-rti 

In an RTI filed by India Today, the channel asked who and how many people are involved in preparing PM Modi’s speeches. It also asked how much the speechwriter who writes PM Modi’s speeches is paid.



The Prime Minister’s Office, in an RTI response, did not disclose any information regarding the money spent on preparing the PM’s speeches. However, the PMO said that inputs are received from various sources, but PM Modi gives final shape to his speeches.

“Depending upon the nature of the event, various individuals, officials, departments, entities, organisations, etc. provide inputs for PM’s speech and the speech is given final shape by the PM himself,” the PMO told the channel in an RTI response.

PM Modi’s predecessor and former Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh was more reserved when it came to public oratory. Sanjaya Baru, Dr Singh’s media advisor for over four years during UPA 1 told the media that he often wrote the speeches for Singh in that period.

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